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Drinking Fluoridated Tap Water Encouraged

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Good Morning, LISA PARNOWAugust 14, 2017
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Dentistry in the News

Drinking Fluoridated Tap Water Encouraged.

The Daily Mail (8/11, O'Neill) reported that it tested the pH levels of “popular brands of bottled waters,” finding some had a pH level of four. The article stated that beverages with “pH levels closer to zero are more acidic” and may erode dental enamel. The article reported that bottled water may also contain “insufficient amounts of fluoride.” Given this, a dentist quoted in the article discussed the benefits of drinking fluoridated tap water. The article also noted that the American Dental Association encourages drinking fluoridated water to help prevent dental caries.
        Business Insider (8/11, Schmalbruch) reported that adding flavor to water, especially citric flavors, can lower the pH level, making it “more acidic.”
        Additional information about fluoride and community water fluoridation is available at The ADA Catalog also features the Fluoride Nature’s Cavity Fighter brochure. The Oral Health Topics on provides additional information on dental erosion for dental professionals.
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Dental Benefits

Medicare Does Not Cover Dental Care.

To be prepared for high health care costs, the Motley Fool (8/11, Bieber) stated it is important to understand that Medicare does not cover several health care services, including dental care. Given this, the article stated that people can choose to “purchase a Medicare Advantage or Medigap plan to get supplementary coverage for dental care,” inquire about cash discounts at the dentist, or consider seeking care from a dental school.
        In a second article, the Motley Fool (8/12, Maranjian) included understanding the advantages and disadvantages of Medicare Advantage plans among three “smart Medicare Advantage moves.” The article stated that one advantage of Medicare Advantage plans is that, unlike original Medicare, they often “cover hearing, vision and/or dental care.”

Health and Safety

Proper Oral Hygiene During Pregnancy Advised.

Romper (8/11, Mullen-McWilliams) stated that “keeping up with oral hygiene is crucial during pregnancy,” noting that some women develop pregnancy gingivitis due to hormonal changes. The article stressed the importance of preventive dental care, encouraging women who are pregnant to brush and floss daily and visit the dentist regularly. offers additional information on pregnancy and oral health.

Mail-In Braces Programs Discussed.

Refinery 29 (8/11, Stieg) considered whether using mail-in aligners is a safe and effective way to straighten teeth, featuring information from Sunil Wadhwa, DDS, PhD, associate professor of dental medicine and director in the division of orthodontics at the Columbia University Medical Center. The article reported that “most mail-in companies will give you between three and 10 months for treatment,” whereas Dr. Wadhwa stated orthodontists will “continue treatment until it’s done appropriately.” The article adds that incorrectly straightening teeth can pose risks, “which is why Dr. Wadhwa says it’s important to see an orthodontist for the safest fix.” offers additional information for patients on braces.

Dental Industry

Henry Schein Launches Healthy Lifestyles, Healthy Communities Program.

In a release on PRNewswire (8/11), Henry Schein, Inc. stated it has launched its “2017 Healthy Lifestyles, Healthy Communities (HLHC) program, which supports community health centers across the country in their efforts to provide medical and oral health screenings at free health events held in underserved communities.” The release noted that the program supports 14 free community health center events taking place during the summer and fall by providing each with “$5,000 worth of health care products” and “a $5,000 cash grant from the Henry Schein Cares Foundation.”

Global 3D Dental Scanners Market Expected To Experience Growth.

A release on PRNewswire (8/11) stated the global 3D dental scanners market is expected to experience growth between 2017-2021 due in part to the “rapidly dropping prices” of these products, according to a new market report.

ADA in the News

ADA Commends President’s Statement On Opioid Abuse.

The ADA (8/11) stated in a release that the Association “commends President Donald Trump for his recent public statement acknowledging opioid abuse as a national public health emergency,” adding that his statement “will encourage public health agencies to prioritize their resources to address the problem.” The release noted “the ADA has long recognized the severity of opioid misuse and abuse, and has worked diligently to educate dentists about how they can help mitigate the problem.”
        Find out more at

Free Webinar On Dental Benefit Trends Set For Aug. 29.

The ADA News (8/11) reported that a free ADA webinar, Trends in the Dental Benefits Market, will take place Aug. 29 from noon to 1 pm CDT. The article noted that Evelyn F. Ireland, executive director of the National Association of Dental Plans, and Jerry Berggren, director of research and information for the National Association of Dental Plans, will lead the webinar and discuss “current trends in the dental benefits market and the underlying factors that drive those trends.”
        To register for the webinar, visit The webinar will be available online after Aug. 29.
        The ADA Center For Professional Success offers additional information about dental benefits online.

Also in the News

More States Raise Tobacco Buying Age To 21.

The Washington Times (8/10, Richardson) reported “the movement to raise the tobacco buying age to 21 has caught fire,” noting that last week Oregon Gov. Kate Brown signed legislation that makes the state “the fifth to increase the legal age for cigarette and vaping purchases from 18 to 21.” The article noted that “Hawaii became the first state to raise the minimum legal sales age for tobacco products in June 2015, followed by California in May 2016,” and “more than 250 localities, including New York City in October 2013, also have raised the legal age.”
        For more information on the ADA’s advocacy efforts on tobacco visit

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